Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More memoirs....

This time they're from a time period - when things were much simpler.
There was an aspiration to get into a job - rather than get out of it!!!

That's Gautam - in a pensive mood.He's not like that normally. A very well balanced Libran who thinks and does!! He's one of a select coterie of very good friends who travel the world and party in Mumbai. His parties at the Farmhouse in Thane are some of the best.
4th November 2002
Diwali Party at my place. OK - I'm the guy in Green with a beard to match
Harpreet in Red, Manu on the extreme right , Parth gettin his head squashed around and Prateem in the middle of things as usual. There's Debashish and his wife Deepa looking resplendent in white. They weren't married at that time though!!!
Birthday number 23Birthday Number 23 for me and 20 for Tina.
One of the parties that went from dusk to dawn.

Sitting Ground (L-R) Zareena, Tina, Me & Vishal
Sitting Sofa (L-R) Isaac, Sameer, Raizad, Manish & Shyamal
December 31st 2004.
Mira, Tina, Gautam and Shalina giving their new year resolutions lotsa deep thought. This was at Gautams Farmhouse and the chilly December air added another dimension to the fun.
March 1999.
The 4th year of our Electronics Engineering. Time for a Farewell party and an occassion to dress up!!!
That's birthday number 19 for me.
We celebrated it in the ward room on Dads ship - CGS Samar (That's short for Coast Guard Ship)
The highlight was that all my hostel mates were down in Mumbai to celebrate with me. Nikhil is the big guy in white dominating the scene. On his right is Manish and then Vishal. Shabbar on the extreme left followed by Akhil, Ankur (mouth hidden) and then Sachin. I'm the only guy shouting in joy - or was it???