Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Scenes from Indias premier hospital

They've got good infrastructure... good doctors....and then we have to be INDIANS!!!
The sign says - No eating in the ICU Lobby!!!
Hospital or Railway station???
Bloody fools are so stupid and ignorant. I feel like kicking their arses and leaving the shoes inside!
Godamnit - who sleeps in front of a lift???


Jolein said...

Gosh! This looks terrible!
I do hope that your pa is better now. Will pray for him.


Shiladitya said...

which hospital is this?? wot's wrong with uncle..

Renu said...

Gud lord..this is bad..I can imagine the inconvenience caused to the patients' relatives.

I hope uncle is better now. Convey him my wishes.

Arjun said...

This is the ICU Lobby of the Apollo hospital in Delhi

Arjun said...

Thanks for the wishes Jo

tina said...

Hey what happened to uncle? How is he now? This is bad news.

Surabhi said...

hey - this is terrible!!! hope uncle is feeling better tho. take care. Surabhi