Monday, November 20, 2006

Smoking the Hookah!!!

Puffing away all my worries... in thin tendrils of smoke!!! Posted by Picasa

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Jo said...

Looks like you had a good time. The first pic reminds me of DON.

Don''t get encouraged coz I didn't mean that as a compliment! :P

I love the smell of unburned tobacco and I always thought that if you smoke a cigarette/hookah it would have a similar taste.

Some time ago, I tried a strawberry hookah at Sheisha thinking it would be fruity and smoky...on the contrary, it tasted bitter and awful! :-(

I don't think I was inhaling the smoke correctly coz when I exhaled, there was absolutely no smoke! I kept trying and trying after about 4 puffs, I started feeling very nauseas. I think I drank the drag. Does that make sense? :S

Anyway, that's my hookah story, and I don't think I'll never try that stuff again! :-)

The world is polluted enough, so don't start smoking!! :-)