Sunday, January 07, 2007

After a long time

Ranit, Asha & Rashmi - poolside seating!!
With Asha & Ranit... comrades in arms! teen.. char... the sign of 4!!!
one tequila.. two tequila. three tequila ....4!!! (actually she stopped at 3)

There are some people who make you feel like a good person.... make you feel like everything in this world is sweet 'n'rosy.. that goodness exists..... these are a few of those.


Anonymous said...

looks like u guys had a blast ;-)

Icarus said...

Great pics yaar! Kudos to our friendship and the lovely time spent together!!

asha said...

i have no words to express hw happy i was with u guys.....Thanks so much ppl for making me realize how lucky I am to have u all in my life:)!