Sunday, March 18, 2007


I should have been in the mafia!
It'd have been my real calling!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pizza & pizzazz!!

It’s getting hot in Delhi over the last few weeks. The weather has suddenly changed from the middle of winter to an early summer.

(L-R) Rashmi, Ranit, Vani, Amandeep, Asha, Anku, Me!!
This get together had been overdue for a while now. We’d meet in bits and pieces… not as a complete entity. Well – Rajiv was still missing from this group – but by and large we’d mostly made it across from wherever we live to Connaught Place for lunch today.

So there’s Ranit, Asha, Amandeep, Anku, Vani, her bhabhiji, lil Vanya and yours truly all standing at McDonalds!!
We trudged down a bit to Rodeos and were joined by Rashmi. Due to the preponderance of teetotalers in the gang – we skip the joint and head on to Pizza Hut.

Here – the table for 8 had a long and sunny wait!!
So Asha decides to sing'n'entertain!
While Vanya decides her hand at "amateur" photography!
By the time we actually got seats it was nearing 2 pm. Man – we were famished!!!

It's not easy to keep my neck intact!!

As soon as the lunch arrives – so does Divya! We finally get to meet her too. At least this time I ain’t gonna get a firing for forgetting to inform her.

Then there’s this whole gang of college teenyboppers staring from outside and we’re refusing to get up. We stare right back. Actually I gave them the same treatment (staring in-out) after we got up!

It’s funny that most of us have left NIIT now.. but we’re still in it – when the discussions start!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I love chocolate cake!!!

The first cut is the deepest!
A lil from Bhai...
... and a lil from me!!
Another Birthday is thus - celebrated!!
From last Year

Actually I find it diffcult to understand how people can not like CHOCOLATE CAKE............