Monday, April 30, 2007

Squidruders - a twisted love story!!

Heavy breakfasts with eggs eaten suuny side up!!
lazy drooping sunlight....
in the company of the prettiest woman....

Yes - i became complacent... so much so that 2 loving squids were making out when we got back!!!

The squids of the twists not listening to the language of love!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

3 days

it's like a 1///2///3 count...
at 3.. things normally go boommmm!!!

so things went boooooooom for me today!!!
i hurt mysekf .. bums'n'arms... alomst fractured nyself today.. but i'm still around
I also got a call from air deccan saying that my tickets to kolkata on the 18th stood cancelled!!
I HATE AIR DECCAN.. i promise to BASH their faces in..and the teeth too.. when i meet them next!!!

anyways things are better now since i talked to supriya.
As i sat in the beauty parlor
a lil while later...
and then some more..
ALL IN ALL .. I come out quite the better looking....
and.. a lot positive.... cos' Supriya promised that she loved me despite what i was!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Holy communication

So we're having this ceremony for peace and happiness... to welcome in my wedding!
The priest is in the middle of rhythmic chanting... his hands move furiously tipping some oil into the flames.... he is on a regular sing-song

Heaven calling!!!

Marriages are made in heaven. Looks like ours just got the OFFICIAL GO AHEAD