Tuesday, April 17, 2007

3 days

it's like a 1///2///3 count...
at 3.. things normally go boommmm!!!

so things went boooooooom for me today!!!
i hurt mysekf .. bums'n'arms... alomst fractured nyself today.. but i'm still around
I also got a call from air deccan saying that my tickets to kolkata on the 18th stood cancelled!!
I HATE AIR DECCAN.. i promise to BASH their faces in..and the teeth too.. when i meet them next!!!

anyways things are better now since i talked to supriya.
As i sat in the beauty parlor
a lil while later...
and then some more..
ALL IN ALL .. I come out quite the better looking....
and.. a lot positive.... cos' Supriya promised that she loved me despite what i was!!


Xai said...

serves you right for flying air deccan for your own wedding :P

tina said...

hey u look beautiful in those pics :P