Monday, July 28, 2008

Shadows and Lights!

This is an attempt.... tell me if you think it's successful....


bankruptcy said...

Its very impressive. I think its ok if we repost this blog.


SMM said...

Told you they were good :)

When is our next photo session?

Ps said...

I liked the third one.That was good.There was something missing in the others(I felt) -Sorry if I am i too honest.
Preeti (just a mother of two)

Arjun said...

TY Preeti!

the third on of the steps in the dark was well received everywhere.

I appreciate the honest feedback! I'm not sory about what the pics i clicked! So please don't be apologetic on the comments!

But yeah - since you sense the gap... it'll be great if you gimme some inputs to improve my next set of pics!

Ps said...

My son clicks great pictures(He has a photo blog too)--I'll ask him what is missing.I am not able to exactly say.
I too am interested in photos.Have posted quite a few for 'wordless wednesdays'.They are there in my blog under 'photos'

Ria said...

The pics were gud and yes they did speak a 1000 words indeed! :)