Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Meeting up with the guys from a long time ago certainly refreshed memories last evening.

Returning from Malshez Ghats
Aug 15, 1996
This one even features the specimen - Akhil (in orange)
Ashutosh, Manoj, Sameer, Arjun, Kapil , Jayesh
Nikhil with the half face... year 4 end of Sem 7
Amit, Kapil & Arul - sitting
Me and Amit Jain - Standing
At SAI DEVAS , year 3
Year 3 - Arjun, Nitin,  Vishal & Navin

Not much to say here!!
Amit, Kapil, Arul & Ashutosh, Sep 30 Year 4
At Kapils sisters wedding in Delhi
..... and now (look how we turned out)

Monday, January 05, 2009


We think we are giants!
Yet we pray for absolution
We pray that she may not anger
We are but dwarves!!