Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Meeting up with the guys from a long time ago certainly refreshed memories last evening.

Returning from Malshez Ghats
Aug 15, 1996
This one even features the specimen - Akhil (in orange)
Ashutosh, Manoj, Sameer, Arjun, Kapil , Jayesh
Nikhil with the half face... year 4 end of Sem 7
Amit, Kapil & Arul - sitting
Me and Amit Jain - Standing
At SAI DEVAS , year 3
Year 3 - Arjun, Nitin,  Vishal & Navin

Not much to say here!!
Amit, Kapil, Arul & Ashutosh, Sep 30 Year 4
At Kapils sisters wedding in Delhi
..... and now (look how we turned out)

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SMM said...

Yes looking at old photos of school and college days is great :)